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Goal - ten million dollars
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All donations of $500 or more will be recognized on a Donor Wall of Fame for the lifetime of the Credit Union CU Plex.


View the list of those who have committed as donors - Current to September 7, 2012.

Friend ($ 500 - $ 9,999)

Friends of the Credit Union CU Plex can show their support by funding any number of diverse and unique objects. Want to see your name attached to a curling rock? Maybe family is of ultimate importance to you - you can put your name on any room in the Credit Union CU Plex. If you have more of an interest in performing arts, you can purchase a seat for the new performing arts theatre, which would guarantee a lifelong investment in and association with our vibrant cultural community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Dekker Centre for Performing Arts    
Seat $1,000 150 remaining
Table & Chairs $1,000 26 remaining
Storage Room $1,000 2 remaining
Northland Power Curling Centre    
Video Monitor $5,000 2 remaining
Field House    
Tennis Nets    

Supporter ($ 10,000 - $ 99,999)

If you're a curling fan or player, you could fund a full sheet of ice as a Supporter. If, however, you're more of a supporter of the arts, then perhaps you'd like your name associated with the performing arts theatre's green room. Or, maybe you'd like to be responsible for the scoreboard in one of the two new indoor soccer pitches. Whether you're sporty or artistic - or both - the Credit Union CU Plex has an option that will provide tangible evidence of your support.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Northland Power Curling Centre    
Set of Rings $15,000 7 remaining
Washroom $10,000  
Battlefords Co-op Aquatics Centre    
Washroom $10,000  
Field House    
Dressing Rooms $25,000 6 remaining
Referee Change Rooms $25,000 2 remaining
Washrooms $10,000 3 remaining
Badminton Courts $10,000 2 remaining
Tennis Court $10,000 1 remaining
Lacrosse Surface $10,000 2 remaining

Member ($ 100,000 - $ 499,999)

A Member will be provided with major signage in the area or areas that are chosen for investment. For example, the main stage
for the performing arts theatre could be funded through donation or, if making waves is more to your liking, you could fund
a waterslide. Other options include the funding - and naming rights - of lobbies and viewing areas in the Credit Union CU Plex.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Dekker Centre for Performing Arts    
Main Stage $350,000  
Secondary Stage $150,000  
Northland Power Curling Centre    
Viewing Area 2 $150,000  
Battlefords Co-op Aquatics Centre    
Main Pool $350,000  
Seating Area $150,000  
Wet Viewing $150,000  
Field House    
Running Track $150,000  
Spectator Viewing $150,000  
Viewing $150,000  
Lobby $150,000  

Founder ($ 500,000 +)

Founders will be provided with naming rights, major signage and advertisement recognition with all events held in that venue and high visibility on donor wall or plaque. Naming rights of this nature can be for a 10-year period or the life of the building.

Your company or family can choose to be the Founder of the Credit Union CU Plex and thus gain the overall title. Other options include being the major sponsor of - and receiving the title for - the aquatic centre, field house, curling facility or performing arts theatre.

When major funding commitments are made, the donors will be identified to the community in a positive and appropriate manner such as a formal announcement at a major event.

Sponsorship Opportunities

None available